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Back end components for Europeana

EuropeanaConnect implements and deploys key infrastructure components behind the scenes of the Europeana portal that enable Europeana to manage the harvesting of thousands of digital heritage content sources across Europe, to promote metadata and content interoperability across content providers as well as interoperability with independent value-added services, and to provide persistent and uniform identification of digital resources:

REPOX: The Open Archives Initiative-Protocol for Metadata Harvesting - OAI-PMH Management Infrastructure

The Europeana OAI-PMH Management Infrastructure enables Europeana to meet the demands of the expected leap in data harvesting scale, managing the harvesting of huge volumes of content from thousands of content providers in Europe.

The Europeana Resolution Discovery Service

ERDS is a meta-resolver that interfaces different resolution services in order to allow identification of an object in the World Wide Web to be independent from the object's actual physical location. Implementing resolution services assures persistent accessibility of the digital objects and the ERDS provides this accessibility across the different resolution scenarios for those objects in the Europeana portal that have persistent identifiers.
The ERDS is an open source Web application, fully implemented with Java and deployed on a Tomcat Servlet container. It is developed and tested on Java 6.0.20 and Tomcat 6.0.26 but should run on any other compatible version.

Europeana Metadata Registry

The Europeana Metadata Registry realises metadata interoperability in Europeana, as it manages the range of metadata schemas and terms used by the various European institutions providing content for Europeana.

Europeana Service Registry

The Schema for Integration of Web Applications (SIWA) is a framework that will allow users to apply external services to objects in Europeana, enabling mash-ups. For example, external translation services can be called on to translate a description on a Europeana record from one language to another. When SIWA becomes more fully integrated into Europeana, Europeana will select a basic set of authorised services for users to work with and decide how to present SIWA to users.


EuropeanaConnect's Work Package 5, Enabling and Integrating Services for Europeana, has organised a series of workshops as part of the cross-project networking and clustering activities in EuropeanaConnect. These workshops were a means to bring together project partners, working on specific technologies, with participants from other projects, initiatives and organisations working in similar areas to exchange experiences, knowledge and views.

(February 17/18, 2010, German National Library, Frankfurt).