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Audio Aggregation

EuropeanaConnect adds the music dimension to Europeana. To date 1,103 audio providers have delivered approximately 345,000 objects, forming 1,150 collections.

Sounds 336,613
Text 6,692
Image 1,673
Video 735

EuropeanaConnect Audio-Network Starter Kit

The Audio Aggregation Platform Starter Kit ( delivers an overview of the AAP platform and gives details of administration issues necessary to upload content. It also provides an assignment document which confirms that the content provider authorises upload of content to both the EuropeanaConnect/DISMARC Audio Aggregation Platform and to Europeana.

EuropeanaConnect/DISMARC Audio Aggregation Platform (AAP)

The DISMARC-EuropeanaConnect Audio Aggregation Platform (AAP, prepares and delivers audio to Europeana, and offers a content owner the possibility of managing his/her content. Content can be enriched by attaching various vocabularies. The AAP is supported by a help Wiki, and provides content owners with technical support including tools for creating collection descriptions, tools for attaching appropriate IPR license to content and tools for attaching content to Europeana themes. The platform's data is harvested by Europeana at regular intervals.

Audio Exhibition

The Audio Exhibition presents content from various EuropeanaConnect partners as a thematic virtual exhibition. The selected topic is 'Weddings in Eastern Europe' and contains avariety of text, graphics, images, audio and video. The exhibition is based on a re-useable CMS template.
Audio Exhibition

Guide to Copyrights for Archives

The Guide to Copyright explains relevant aspects of copyright for those institutions who deal with IPR. Written by respected Finnish archivist Pekka Gronow, the guide covers all expected IPR use cases and is aimed at those who are making their first steps into IPR.

Highway to Europeana Virtual Server

The 'Highway to Europeana' USB card provides a content owner with a simple means of uploading his/her material to the DISMARC/EuropeanaConnect Audio Aggregation Platform for onward distribution to Europeana. Using the system software contained on a USB card, a user can securely prepare, manage and deliver his/her content within the DISMARC environment. Once the system is installed, this work can be carried out either online or offline.

Cultural Content Management - Moodle

The Moodle is a tool supporting audio archives wishing to join Europeana as content providers via the EuropeanaConnect/DISMARC Audio Aggregation Platform.

Training and Support for archives

A variety of workshops has been held:

(26 November 2010 in Warsaw)

WS Setting Up and Maintaining the EuropeanaConnect System
(June 2011 in Ljubljana)

Participating Archives

1,103 content-owners are currently participating in EuropeanaConnect and contributing content to Europeana. The approximately 345,000 items already delivered to Europeana by the EuropeanaConnect/DISMARC Audio Aggregation Platform came from the following content-owners: